Graphic Design



At Hybrid Wraps in Fountain Valley, Ca, We Have Excellent Graphic Designers Who Pay Close Attention to Detail and Make Sure Your Design Comes Out Looking Great!

Graphic design
 services can be expensive, and some companies will provide you with poor-quality products with words misspelled or tears in the vinyl that look unprofessional. At Hybrid Wraps, we have excellent employees who specialize in Graphic design and they pay close attention to detail and make sure your Graphic design comes out looking great. We can create designs of all shapes and sizes, and then place these on a wide variety of mediums to get your company’s name out there.

We offer Graphic design services for high-quality vehicle wraps, whether you want to add a logo to a fleet of vehicles, or wrap your own personal car to advertise around your community or simply change its color. Our custom car tattoos offer a competitive edge, and see-through windowGraphic designs make it easy to advertise while maintaining visibility of the vehicle. We can also create smaller wraps that cover just half or three-fourths of your vehicle, or add a unique custom stripe kit in the colors that you choose. Two-tone wraps can help your vehicle stand out from competitors, as well. If vehicle wraps aren’t your style, our Graphic design team can also create professional business cards, logos, signs, flyers, banners, and website layouts.

We have an office in Fountain Valley, California and provide excellent customer service to local customers, as well as those located all over the country. Our graphic design experts will ensure your products look just the way you want. No matter what your project, Hybrid Wraps can help create it!

Design Services Offered By Hybrid Wraps Include:

Vehicle Wraps

Fleet Graphic Design

Corporate Wraps

High Impact Wrap Designs

Small Business Vehicle Lettering

Two-tone Wraps

½ or ¾ Vehicle Wraps

Custom Stripe Kits

Custom Car Tattoos

See-Through Window Graphics

  •     Logo graphic Design
  •     Business Card graphic Design
  •     Driver Hero Cards and Sponsorship Packages
  •     Signs, Banners & Flyer Graphic Design
  •     Racing Graphic design
  •     Website Graphic Design & Layout
  •     Custom Wall Graphic design